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Blessed Throw Pillow from the Simple Statements Collection, Elevate your Serenity,

Blessed Throw Pillow from the Simple Statements Collection, Elevate your Serenity,

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Elevate Serenity with the 'Blessed' Pillow from the Simple Statement Collection"

Experience a serene touch of gratitude with our 'Blessed' throw pillow, a minimalist gem from our Simple Statement Collection. Featuring solely the word 'Blessed', this pillow embodies the essence of appreciation in its purest form. Crafted with a natural color palette and custom printed with eco-friendly ink, it promises comfort for both the environment and your living space.

Immerse yourself in a tranquil ambiance as you embrace this simple yet impactful pillow. The 'Blessed' design not only adds a touch of gratitude to your decor but also serves as a gentle reminder of life's blessings. With this pillow, you infuse your space with a sense of serenity and thankfulness.

Elevate your surroundings while celebrating the beauty of simplicity – a perfect fusion that makes the 'Blessed' pillow a standout addition to your home. Allow the word to radiate through your space, reminding you of the countless blessings that enrich your life, all while preserving the eco-friendly ethos of conscious living.

Perfect for housewarming celebrations, birthdays or as a gesture for a friend moving into their coastal abode. These pillows are not for homes by the sea; they provide a gift solution for various occasions. Whether you want to add a touch of charm to a friend's farmhouse kitchen or present a loved one with a piece of tranquility, for their apartment, or someone who simply misses the ocean, our pillows have got you covered. Create a retreat in your living space with our carefully crafted throw pillows.

We are deeply committed to sustainability, so every pillow features custom text printed with ecofriendly ink allowing you to decorate guilt free.

Don't miss out on owning your slice of magic. Enhance your home decor today with these handcrafted treasures that seamlessly blend with your style.

Appeals to:

  • Individuals seeking to infuse their living spaces with a sense of gratitude and tranquility.
  • Those looking for minimalist and eco-friendly home decor options.
  • Friends and family in search of thoughtful gifts for mindfulness enthusiasts.
  • Interior design aficionados embracing simplicity and conscious living.

Occasions It Would Be Perfect For:

  • Cozy nights in, where a touch of serenity and gratitude is cherished.
  • Housewarming gifts for friends setting up their new homes with mindful decor.
  • Everyday use to enhance your living space with an ambiance of thankfulness.
  • Personal gifts for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and eco-conscious choices.
  • Any occasion when promoting a sense of appreciation, mindfulness, and conscious living is meaningful.

This Throw Pillow:

  • Provides an elegant and serene way to infuse gratitude and mindfulness into home decor.
  • Addresses the need for minimalist and eco-friendly decorative options.
  • Offers a visual anchor for moments of quiet reflection and appreciation.
  • Solves the challenge of finding decor that harmonizes with mindful and eco-conscious lifestyles.

Please note - this listing is for the pillow cover only, insert not included.

If you need another color, please feel free to reach out to me so I can try my best to accommodate your request.

MATERIAL – Pillow cover is a linen canvas blend with a bottom zip enclosure.

Approximate Size:
Square Pillows - 15.5"x16"
Lumbar Pillows - 11"x17"

Please note - this listing is for the pillow cover only, insert not included.

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